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What are other duck hunters saying?

  • "Best ducking hunting product in 30 years." 


  • "People couldn't figure out why we were killing all the ducks and they couldn't even get the ducks to pay them any attention! 


  • "This is the sickest thing I've seen and impressive is not a strong enough word."


  • "Motion Ducks is simply the best product out there." 


  • "Best invention in waterfowl hunting." 


  • "Your product is amazing! It works like magic."


  • "Highly recommend!

    This product is worth it's weight in gold! With a simple setup of the motion decoy system, late season hangups became a problem of the past. Thanks!! Great company with a fantastic product!"


  • "Your Ultimate Spreader System is fantastic. Those decoys look so damn real in the water it is nuts."


  • "If you're into killing ducks, you need a couple of these with you. We have proved this product works when nothing else will get the ducks on top of you."


  • "Honestly I can't imagine hunting without it, we even stopped using mojos since we bought the spreader."


  • "All the guys yelled at me for only bringing one to ND last week after they saw the way the birds were dumping in on a calm day. Right to the spreader."


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