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Ultimate Decoy Spreader System

Nothing Better than the Ultimate Spreader:

This system will bring your decoys to life in ways never seen in the duck hunting world.

The completely unique design and connection system makes 7 decoys look like they are swimming randomly and naturally. 

Your decoys will not swim in a single file line, but a small flock. Each decoy moves differently from the next.

Relax the Ducks and Bring them into your Spread:

Ducks are smart, do not underestimate them. They learn what a typical decoy spread looks like. That is why your spread needs to look natural and different. 

Our system is the only system out there that ads both of these features to your decoy spread. 

Ease of Use:

This thing sets up and tears down in seconds. Even in early morning darkness, its just as easy to set up.

Hook up your decoys to the system the night before the hunt and most of your work is done.

Does it work?

Once you put it to the test you will see how well it works. Nothing we have ever used puts shy ducks at ease like this spreader. When they see their "buddies" swimming around in a small flock it looks natural to them... and it is something they do not usually see in other decoy spreads... the odds they bank their wings and dive into your spread is greatly increased with natural decoy movement.

When we invented the product we were stunned at how well it worked. We would give one quack to get the birds attention, pull our spreader and shy late season birds came in like it was opening day. That is when we knew we had created something great.

What comes in the Ultimate Package?

You will get 2 spreaders, 2 jerk rigs (handle, pull line and bungee) and a connection bar. 

What we sell as an anchor is our bag anchor. Fill it with rocks or sand and use it as your anchor. If you hike in you only need to carry 3 ounces instead of 3 pounds. 

Add Anchor Bag:

You can add 1 anchor bag for $10 (Anchor Bags are normally $15) or add 2 anchor bags for $15 ($7.50 a piece)

Fill the bag with rocks or sand to use as the anchor with the spreader and jerk system. You no longer need to carry in the extra weight of an anchor. Pack in light.

You can use any anchor that you may already have. We suggest 3-4 pounds. That works in the vast majority of situations.

Shallow Water Adapter:

The shallow water adapters snap in in seconds and allow you to use your spreader in 4-12 inches of water. The regular spreader needs 12+ inches to operate normally. Before these adapters you had to buy the shallow water and the regular spreader separately. Now you can swap in between them in seconds.




We are very confident you'll love the motion and realism our spreader adds to your decoy spread. So pick one up. If you don't love your spreader, send it back to us and we'll refund your purchase. Refunds will be minus the cost of the original shipping. This refund policy only applies to our spreader systems. Separate refund policy for other items. No refunds for anything owned for more than 30 days into a duck season.

(Decoys not included)

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