Shallow Water Ultimate Decoy Spreader and Jerk System - Ultimate

Our Shallow Water Series removes the 5 inch drop bar from the spreader and allows you to use the spreader in 5 inches of water.

DEPTH: If you hunt in water that is 5 to 12 inches of water this is the spreader for you. Anything over 1 foot our regular spreader is best.

Ultimate Spreader - Comes with 2 of the shallow water spreaders, 2 handles with bungee and the connection bar for free. Use the connection bar to connect the 2 spreaders together for the most realistic Decoy Motion out there.

(When you connect the 2 spreaders together you just need 1 handle and bungee. We include 2 so that you are able to use the single spreaders separately if desired.)

Why the 5 inch drop bar on the normal spreader? Two primary reasons. One it allows for greater range of motion in the decoys and two it is much better for dogs to swim over the top of the bars.

If you are in shallow water dogs are no problem and removing the drop arms allows you to get our insane decoy motion without the rest of the spreader dragging.

You can always use this system in deeper water as well.

Anchor sold separately.

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