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Duck Duck Boom Card Game

Pre-Order Phase is Over. Decks are now available!

For those that ordered during pre-order phase the decks have arrived! 10 days earlier than expected. We will get pre-order decks shipped out this week!

Milestone Xtra Giveaways!

We hit 288 decks during pre-order!

We will be doing the giveaway for the feeder and spreader system soon.

Sticker Packs:

Sticker packs will include RANDOM stickers unless you specify in the order notes (on cart page) which stickers you want. This applies to the 5 pack and 10 pack. (every pack will get the Cool Mallard Mascot sticker.)

  • 5 Pack - $9.99 ($2 per sticker)
  • 10 Pack - $14.99 ($1.50 per sticker)
  • 23 Pack (All Stickers) - $19.99 ($0.87 per sticker)

About the Game:

I wanted a cool and fun way for my 9 year old son to start learning how to identify ducks and learn some fundamentals of duck hunting.

Thus DUCK DUCK BOOM was created.

This is an insanely fun duck hunting card game that will secretly teach the players of the game duck identification and other duck hunting knowledge like shot size and limits.

Let's be honest, you as an adult could also use some help on your duck identification, am I right?

I played this game with my son for about 2 weeks and he has able to identify over half the ducks correctly when I showed him pictures of random ducks.

Not to mention its a great way to keep shooting ducks all year round.

Perfect for families, kids, duck lodges, guides, gifts and more.

It is extremely easy to learn and can be enjoyed from ages 7 and up.

What does it come with?

  • Strong, high quality, rigid box for storage.
  • 90 Cards
  • Instructions

How to Play?

  1. Gather your Ammo and Gear.
  2. Call in some ducks.
  3. Gather points by shooting the ducks.
  4. Limit and get a bonus.
  5. Watch for duck bands and other cards your opponents can use against you.
  6. Score the most points and WIN!

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