Decoy Spreader System


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The Ultimate System now comes with 2 handles! You can use it as one or separate it into 2 spreaders.

Why Order the Ultimate? Watch this video.

Spreader Info:

Bring your decoys to life with our Spreader System and Jerk Rig.

The spreader separates the decoys and when you add the jerk rig system your decoys look like they are alive and swimming, not in a single file line but in a small flock.  

Connect two spreaders together and it looks even more realistic with random motion in the decoys.

Ease of Use:

This thing sets up and tears down in seconds. Even in early morning darkness, its just as easy to set up.

Hook up your decoys to the system the night before the hunt and most of your work is done.

Does it work?

Once you put it to the test you will see how well it works. Nothing we have ever used puts shy ducks at ease like this spreader. When they see their "buddies" swimming around in a small flock it looks natural to them... and it is something they do not usually see in other decoy spreads... they bank their wings and dive into your spread.

Last season when we invented the product we were stunned at how well it worked. We would give one quack to get the birds attention, pull our spreader and shy late season birds came in almost every time.

WHAT SHOULD I ORDER? (Underneath the price you can toggle down the order options.)

If you do not already have a spreader system it is best to pick up the Spreader with Jerk Rig. This will give you the whole set up (minus the anchor).

If you want to buy a second spreader then grab the Spreader Only, or Spreader with the Connection Bar.

If you do not have anything and want 2 systems to connect together by the 'Ultimate'. (Get the Connector bar free with the Ultimate.)


(Decoys and Anchor not included)


Watch the videos below to see how it all works.


Watch the Video About the Spreader System

Watch the video showing 2 spreader systems combined.

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