Time to gear up for Waterfowl season!

Ultimate XL/Goose Decoy Spreader with 2 Jerk Rigs & Connection Bar

Our Extra Large Goose Spreader is here!

This is the ULTIMATE Version. Comes with:

  • 2 XL/Goose Decoy Spreaders
  • 2 Jerk Rigs (Handle, 100 Feet Jerk Line, 5 Feet Bungee Each)
  • 1 XL connection bar to combine the 2 systems together

This Ultimate XL spreader is 5 feet bigger than our regular spreader system. Each spreader breaks down to under 18 inches. 

Perfect for Goose Decoys and Jumbo Duck Decoys. 

You can use this spreader with normal decoys to spread your deeks out more than the normal spreader. 

WARNING: Because the arms on this spreader are so long you have to be careful to not put too much weight on the poles. Goose decoys and large ducks can be heavy so if you pick the system up from the center, the poles will bend and could get damaged. Best practice is to keep the weight off the arms by keeping the decoys on the ground or in the water when spreading out the system. 

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