Handle Stopper for Jerk Line

Don't you hate when you let go of your jerk line handle and the line pulls your handle feet away from you, sometimes completely out of your duck blind?

Introducing the Handle Stopper by Motion Ducks.

This simple and effective idea stops your handle right within reach so you can let go, shoot the birds and grab the handle easily and conveniently.

The stopper can be connected to any blind, even if it is built from sticks and shrubs, with it's bungee and cord lock system. Simple wrap the cords around any shrub or stick. Make sure there is a bit of tension in the bungee cord and when all three are stretched in different directions the handle stopper will hold in place. Next run the jerk line through the top slit of the stopper and you will never lose your handle again.

If you have a wooden blind we include 3 screws so you can remove the bungee cord and screw the unit to the inside of your blind. 

The unit even has a handle holder so you can hang your handle at the end of the hunt and leave it right there in the blind for your next hunt.


*Handle not included.

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