Decoy Backpack - Comfortably pack in your spreaders and decoys.

Who doesn't hate a saggy decoy bag smacking you in the back of the legs every step you take into the blind, while the decoys are jabbing you in the back and when you pull the decoys out its a giant mess because one of your decoy lines unraveled?

Our decoy backpack is different! 

Here's what it does:

  • Easily packs in your spreaders and decoys. 
  • Designed to pack in our ultimate spreader. One spreader on each side. (8 decoys)
  • Is capable of carrying 4 spreaders (2 on each side) with 16 decoys attached. 
  • Sits high on your back and won't hit your legs. 
  • Comfortable backpack.
  • Zipper pockets on inside. 
  • Shell holder on the hip for jump shooting.
  • Outside pocket for anchor and handle.
  • Strap to secure decoys tightly to the pack and doubles as a strap to...
  • Snap onto a tree so it sits off the ground. 
  • Lower pocket for shells, distributes the weight lower onto the hips and makes it a bit more comfortable. 
  • D loops to hook your duck straps onto.
  • Has straps to pack in a wing spinner decoy.  

If you hike in to your hunting location this pack is a dream!

With the powerful decoy motion our spreaders create you can bring in birds with a small amount of moving decoys. 

This means you can hike in lightweight, set everything up in just a few minutes and be bringing in birds like crazy with our spreaders!

The pack is water resistant, not completely waterproof. 

Pick one up today!

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