Brand New Spreader Design and New Product – ANCHOR BAG

We spent the off season upgrading our spreader system and creating our newest product the anchor bag.

Let me first tell you about the anchor bag and how you can get one for FREE.

Anchor Bag:

The bag empty weighs only 3 ounces. Full it weighs 9 pounds. This is perfect for hike in hunts or when you do not want to carry an extra 4 pound anchor. Once you get to your hunting spot just fill it with 1 large rock or many small rocks and you have a perfect anchor.

Our Anchor Bag is designed with simplicity in mind. We know how it is setting up in the dark. Who wants to mess around with a bag that is difficult to load and shut. That is why ours is created with one single loop. Fill it, loop the strap through and attached your bungee line. It is that simple.

HOW TO GET IT FOR FREE: Right now (Starting July 15th, 2015) we are giving away an anchor bag for free to anyone who purchases an Ultimate Spreader System or Regular Spreader System (one free anchor bag per customer).  Just place an order and we’ll send you an anchor bag for free.

If you want to purchase just the anchor bag you can do that by clicking here.

Already have a spreader? Some of you may already have a spreader. One of the most innovative and effective things about our spreader systems is that you can combine them to create incredible flocks of swimming decoys.

If you already have a spreader then pick up another and be sure to add the Connection Bar to the order so you can connect your spreaders together with an extra decoy. We’ll still send you a free anchor bag!

New Spreader Design:

Watch the video above to see how our new spreader breaks down one level further becoming even smaller for easy transport.

We’ve also added rubber caps to the ends cleaning up the look and eliminating the sharp edges of the fiberglass.

On the inside we have upgraded to a special designed shock cord which is about 8 times stronger than before.

Additionally our connection bar now breaks down one level as well. This means you do not have to disconnect the connection bar anymore when breaking down your spreader at the end of the hunt.

Listen to what Paul T. told us last year after using our Ultimate Spreader System.

“Congratulations on making such an awesome product. I have been hunting ducks for a long time and this is the best thing I have ever bought… I actually plan to buy 15-20 next season to keep one in every blind for my duck club members.”

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

One free anchor bag per customer.